Thursday, May 29, 2008

May is the month for Birthdays

We started with our newest grandson Daniel Christian who turned 1 the 20th.
Then his daddy and my oldest son Dan's was the 23rd.
Cindy's was the 26th. and Dylon turned 6 the 28th.

We are very blessed to have so many family members celebrating another year.
I pray a special blessing over all of them, may the Lord keep them, bless them and provide for them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ronald Cambell Lewis

After watching our car for us as we parked on the streets of Limon, we paid Ronald his fees and then we gave him a New Testament. Ronald confided in us, he once was a deacon within the church, and remembers how sweet it was walking with Jesus. Circumstances had taken him down the wrong road and he was no longer in fellowship with the Lord.

We explained how God so loved him still and right on the street, he prayed and asked for forgiveness. Ronald later said, "You were sent by God." And asked if we would pray for him.

A very special thanks to all of our partners who do indeed send us with the good news. Together, we really are making a difference.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Prisons of Panama

Cindy and I are in Panama City, and after three trips to the Justice Department, we were given permission to enter the prison system.

With almost 700 copies of From the Hidden by Theresa Garcia in hand, I was allowed to visit the 2 largest prisons in Panama, La Joya and La Joyita. Working with inmate/pastors each of the 20 cell blocks recieved copies. They were very well received and many people remembered us from years earlier.

My prayers of, "Here am I, send me" were fulfilled when I was allowed to preach in both prisons. I was thrilled to bring good news and humbled when they gave me an offering. The inmates of cell block #6 have asked for prayer, would you pray for them?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Worldwide Missions Evangelism Conference

Cindy & I were invited to attend the WME Conference in Kansas. Some of the guests speakers were Larry Jones from Feed the Children, Matthew Barnett of the Los Angeles Dream Center and author Tommy Tenny.

We had a GREAT time and were encouraged to hear all the incredible things that are going on throughout the world. We believe God's heartbeat is for souls and we have renewed our pray, "Here I Am, Send Me!"

With Cindy still in Kansas, I have traveled to St. Louis to take care of some of the administrative business of the ministry, we both plan to be back in Costa Rica this Friday (May 9th.). and then were off to Panama.