Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baptizing in the Caribbean

Three young women, Tiffany, Deanne and Karen all love God and want to serve and obey Him. They also wanted to be baptized in the ocean while on their mission's trip. With the help of Tim, Deanne and Karen's dad, we did just that.

This was symbolic of their old nature dying and being left in the sea as they went under, and a new person being raised up as they came out of the water. It was an honor and a privilege to baptist these next generation Christian leaders.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mission Trips Aren't All Work

With a team of 11 from our home church Life Christian and our 4 interns, we were able to accomplish much. Although they worked hard, we did manage to find some time to have fun.

They all took a trip on the canopy zip line, some conquered their fears and all enjoyed their selves.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nicaragua Hears Good News

With our 4 interns Cindy and I drove some 20 hours to northern Nicaragua. We found out that within the city of 1,200 people there were at least 80 people practicing witchcraft and offering animal sacrifices. The first night of a three night evangelistic outreach, a 17 year old intern prayed for a lady, she grabbed hold of both wrist and groaned, spit up, fell to the ground, contorted her body and appeared to be possessed.

Levi, Jeremy, Brittany and Tiffany continued to pray for her, wiping her face off, stroking her hair and loving her. She left the church at 2:00 a.m. The last night of the outreach she came forward and gave a testimoney that she was set free, completely free. We learned afterwards her husband had left her for another woman she got involved in witchcraft years ago.

As you can imagine we are so very pleased with these interns and if this is the next generation of Christians being raised we just might be able to fulfill the Great Commission.